Whether you are making your site using the best website builder for small business or web development services, one of the most important parts of doing it is to choose a domain name. The .com version of a site is a famous choice among website owners because it offers a site a familiar address and makes the business look more established and professionals. However, there are cases when the dotcom version of your site is no longer available. As a result, domain registrars will recommend that you use the .org or .net domain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get a .com domain if your .com extension is not available. Below are some creative ways to get a .com domain name if your ideal name is no longer available:

Include your Business Location

This approach works well if your business has a physical location. You can include your state, city, or street in your domain. For instance you can say MyrestaurantFlorida.com if your establishment is in Florida.

Add More Words

For instance, if your ideal domain name is Myrestaurant.com and it is not available, try to choose MyBBQrestaurant.com, make sure to keep your domain name as short as possible to make it easy for your audience to remember it.

Add an Action Word

This is easy to do and can give your site the edge over others. So, let’s take the same domain name example. To add an action word to the My Restaurant website, you can say EatatMyrestaurant.com or VisitMyrestaurant.com. Make sure to choose an action word that fits your domain. Adding an action word to your domain name will make it a call to action for your site.

Use Similar Words

Sometimes, you don’t have to concentrate on a domain name that is specific to your business name. Use your creativity and switch up business name with words which mean the same thing. For instance, you can use Myresto.com or BBQrestaurant.com.  Although you may use different words, they mean the same thing and convey the same meaning, letting you use the .com extension without being too far off of your business name.

Come Up with your Own Words

Taking your business name and adding any word you make up yourself is a fun way to get a .com domain. So, you can come up with something like Myrestaurantee.com or Merestaurantz.com. After all, it is your site so you really have the full right to name it using whatever words you want.